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Welcome to Refugee Terminology!

This is a multilingual terminological knowledge base about the refugee crisis developed as an educational project within the framework of the 4EU+ Alliance, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

The knowledge base covers more than 30 parallel terminological entries in five languages: English, Czech, German, Italian, and Polish. They were compiled on the basis of parallel corpora of normative and press texts.

Below, you will find links to lists of entries in the five languages as well as a list of all entries ordered according to the English headwords. You can also search for any entry using the search box.

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Entry lists:

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Asylum procedure

Asylum seeker

Country of origin

Country of transit


Displaced person

Fleeing person >> to be merged with Refugee

Frontex (EN)

Geneva Convention

Humanitarian crisis

International protection

Migrant (EN)


Permit to remain / exceptional leave to remain

Push-back (EN)


Refugee camp

Refugee crisis

Refugee hotspot

Refugee quota

Refugee shelter

Refugee status


Residence permit

Safe country of origin

Stateless person

Subsidiary protection

Tent city

UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency)

Wave of refugees

Willkommenskultur (EN)