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NOTE: The term refugee is used in two senses: a person fleeing their country from war or persecution and a person who has been granted refugee status. This entry concerns the former sense. The latter can be inferred from the entry refugee status.


uprchlíkGeflüchtete, Geflüchteterrifugiato/a e profugo/auchodźca, uchodźczyni

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A refugee is someone who has fled their country because they are at serious risk or harm of persecution. Refugees feel they have no choice but to leave because their government cannot, or in some cases will not, protect them. Refugees have a right to asylum (physical safety), medical care, schooling and the right to work.


Encyclopaedic information

Refugees have no choice but to flee their homes because they are threatened by conflict and persecution. They often encounter immense challenges, including exposure to extreme weather conditions; lack of access to proper food, shelter, education, or job opportunities; and a future that is often dependent on conditions improving in the areas.


Synonyms and variants

  • migrant


  • [nationality, e.g. Syrian, Ukrainian...] refugees
  • war refugees
  • registered refugees
  • child refugees
  • incoming refugees
  • refugee camp
  • refugee crisis
  • refugee population
  • refugee status
  • refugee children, woman, families
  • refugee Convention
  • refugee situation
  • refugee protection
  • refugee policy, law, rights
  • refugee settlement
  • refugee accommodation
  • refugee communities
  • refugee management
  • refugee problem
  • refugee experiences
  • refugee flows
  • to resettle refugees
  • to help, assist, support refugees
  • to host, accomodate refugees
  • to accept refugees
  • to welcome refugees
  • to become refugees
  • to receive refugees
  • to protect refugees


European Union countries are considering offering Ukrainian refugees temporary asylum for three years without having to apply for it.


The Iraq conflict displaced 4.4 million people internally and created more than a quarter of a million refugees.