Wave of refugees

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uprchlická vlnaFlüchtlingsbewegungondata migratoriafala uchodźców

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During the 20th century, Europe saw some of the largest waves of refugees and most violent forced migrations in human history, especially as a result of the First and Second World Wars.

Source: https://origins.osu.edu/

Synonyms and variants

  • refugee wave
  • migratory wave
  • wave of immigrants
  • migration wave


  • large wave of refugees


The European Tourism Association states that it's prepared for another large wave of refugees, having organized seven huge sites that can accommodate large numbers.

Source: http://adagiotravel.com/

"We don't think this country is ready for the wave of refugees that is expected," said Andrzej Komar, vice president of the Association of Ukrainians in Poland.

Source: https://www.stripes.com/

'Refugee wave' too is often associated with a threatening dynamic [...]

Source: https://learninglink.oup.com/

Migratory waves, however, bring this stance into question on two levels.

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Poland's government, which came under heavy international criticism last year for pushing back against a wave of immigrants crossing over from Belarus, mostly from the Middle East and Africa, has welcomed those fleeing the Ukraine war.

Source: https://english.alarabiya.net/

Migration waves are usually temporary.

Source: https://origins.osu.edu/