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It also allowed authorities to detain people for up to 30 days upon arrival in so-called hotspots for the purposes of identification and registration.


The EU implemented the hotspot system, filtering people and categorising them as asylum seekers or "economic migrants".


Synonyms and variants

  • hotspot
  • migrant hotspot
  • detention and transit centre (in border areas)


  • to arrive to a refugee hotspot
  • to implement a hotspot system
  • to set up a refugee hotspot


A crumbling hilltop military base surrounded by olive groves was in 2015 given an Orwellian rebranding by the EU as a so-called hotspot that would act as a giant filter where hundreds of thousands of migrants arriving by boat would be screened, fingerprinted, and relocated around the bloc.


Milan's Hub, a hotspot for refugees waiting to be processed in the city's permanent and temporary hospitality centres, was established in October 2013 on the mezzanine floor of the city's Central Train station, before it was eventually transferred to nearby Via Sammartini.


Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann cast doubt on the workability of the so-called migrant hotspots European leaders plan to create by the end of next month in Greece and Italy to help manage large numbers of refugees.<



Not to be confused with refugee camp and refugee shelter.