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přístřešíFlüchtlingsunterkunftCAS (Centro di Accoglienza Straordinario)ośrodek dla uchodźców

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Shelters may sometimes be built by refugees themselves with locally available materials, but aid agencies may supply materials or even prefabricated housing.


With the institutionalization of accommodation as part of asylum laws, legal and administrative terms such as (reception and accommodation) centers, (asylum) shelters , and homes have emerged.


Synonyms and variants

  • shelter
  • asylum shelter


  • emergency shelter
  • temporary shelter
  • to seek shelter
  • to provide shelter
  • to build shelter


Many refugees end up living in camps where access to shelter, clean water and toilets is not always guaranteed.


Emergency shelters have introduced a paradigm shift in Berlin's refugee housing strategy: Since 2014, it has become the most common arrangement.


After registration, they are given food rations (until then only high energy biscuits), receive ration cards (the primary marker of refugee status), soap, jerrycans, kitchen sets, sleeping mats, plastic tarpaulins to build shelters (some receive tents or fabricated shelters).



Prevailingly used in the bare form of "shelter" with an associative meaning of "refugee shelter".