Residence permit

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Related terms

  • (is issued to) people benefiting from the refugee status and their dependents
  • (is issued after receiving) international protection
  • (is a type of protection from) deportation
  • (enables) legal stay
  • (guarantees) right to education, right to healthcare, right to work, right to housing
  • (the document confirming obtaining it is) residence card


As soon as possible after their status has been granted, Member States shall issue to beneficiaries of refugee status a residence permit which must be valid for at least three years and renewable unless compelling reasons of national security or public order otherwise require (...).


Encyclopaedic information

"residence document" means any authorisation issued by the authorities of a Member State authorising a third-country national to stay in its territory, including the documents substantiating the authorisation to remain in the territory under temporary protection arrangements or until the circumstances preventing a removal order from being carried out no longer apply, with the exception of visas and residence authorisations issued during the period required to determine the responsible Member State as established in this Regulation or during examination of an application for asylum or an application for a residence permit (...)



  • temporary residence permit
  • X-year residence permit
  • short-, mid-, long-term residence permit
  • extension of residence permit
  • application for residence permit
  • to grant, issue residence permit
  • to obtain, receive residence permit
  • to require residence permit
  • to offer residence permit


In Lebanon, a residence permit is required, valid for six months with the possibility of renewal for a further six months.


This never-before-used policy will give Ukrainian refugees residence permits and access to work, health care and education.


Millions more are expected and the EU is preparing measures which would offer temporary residence permits as well as access to employment and social welfare - a swift opening of its doors at odds with its response to wars in Syria and elsewhere.