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uprchlické kvótyFlüchtlingsquotequota di profughi/rifugiatikwota uchodźców

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The European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker proposed to distribute 160,000 asylum seekers among EU states under a new migrant quota system.


By September 2016, the quota system proposed by EU was abandoned after staunch resistance by Visegrad Group countries.


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  • (refugee) quota system


Various centre right, far right, and conservative parties won Parliamentary elections on platforms demanding a halt to refugee quotas.


The Slovak government has threatened lawsuits against the EU because of the controversial refugee quota system which requires Slovakia to accept just under 2,300 migrants.


Structural realist analyses of EU member states' rejection of the EU refugee quota system might thus argue that, given their weaker economic position, such states perceive the admission of 'refugees' into their countries as a destabilizing factor on their economic assets and in turn on their material power.



Not to be confused with "immigration quota".