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uprchlický táborFlüchtlingslagercampo profughiobóz dla uchodźców

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Refugee camps are temporary settlements created to provide refugees with immediate aid and protection.


The refugee camp is developed in a state of emergency, a spontaneous solution to accommodate high numbers of migrants.


Refugee camps are initially designed as a short-term solution to keep people safe during specific emergencies, but emergency situations can become protracted, resulting in people living in camps for years or even decades.


Encyclopaedic information

Security in a refugee camp is usually the responsibility of the host country and is provided by the military or local police.


The services provided in refugee camps are often also offered to the host communities.



  • to live in a refugee camp
  • to wait in a refugee camp
  • to leave a refugee camp
  • to create, develop, establish, open, set up a refugee camp
  • to run a refugee camp


More than 80% of registered Syrian refugees in the neighboring countries live in communities and cities instead of refugee camps.


About 16,000 people remain in refugee camps in Greece, and many of them are going hungry because they lack the same rights that are being guaranteed to Ukrainians.


The Moria refugee camp on the Greek island Lesbos is one of those locations, and has been described by the NGO as the 'worst refugee camp on Earth'.



Not to be confused with refugee hotspot and refugee shelter.