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princip nenavraceníGrundsatz der Nichtzurückweisungprincipio di non respingimentozasada non-refoulement

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Non-refoulement, a principle of customary international law, prohibits the return of individuals to a situation where they would face a real risk of persecution or serious human rights abuses.


Synonyms and variants

  • principle of non-refoulement


The new refugee law of 2014 domesticates critical provisions of international refugee law, reflected in the 1951 Convention, that were previously absent, including provisions related to non-refoulement, cessation, exclusion, revocation, naturalization, family unity and references to socio-economic rights.


In 2011, the UN Human Rights Council declared a blanket status of refugee to any Syrian fleeing the country due to the conflict, yet Israel continues to violate the principle of non-refoulement in this regard.